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Some of the features in The Horse February 2020 Issue:

  • Save That Foal | Help your foal survive his first few days in a great big pathogen-filled world.
  • Creating an Airway-Friendly Environment | Steps you can take to reduce the number of asthma-causing airborne particulates in your horse’s barn.
  • A Guide to Equine Diagnostic Imaging | Learn about the machines and technology your veterinarian can use to look inside your horse.
  • Feet First | The 11th NEAEP Symposium emphasized farriers and veterinarians working together for the good of the horse.
  • Educating Equestrians | Find out what scientists are learning about horse welfare and training.

PLUS! | Special in-depth articles on caring for your gelding post-castration, assessing body condition score, narrowing and addressing the causes of thoracolumbar pain, and more!

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