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The Horse - July 2016 Issue

Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

Some of the features in The Horse Magazine July 2016 Issue:

  • The ABCs of Regenerative Medicine | A rundown on how the "veritable alphabet soup" of stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, growth factors, and more work in the horse's body.
  • Osteochondrosis: Harmless Lesion or Permanent Problem? | Leading researchers from around the world share their findings on this common joint disease of young horses.
  • Lions and Elk and Bears, Oh My! | How to handle wild animal encounters with your horse.
  • Need to Pull a Shoe? | Horses have an uncanny ability to dislodge shoes when no farrier is within reach. Here's what to do in a pinch.

PLUS! | Special in-depth articles on microchipping, controlling dust on horse properties, the science behind licking & chewing, and much more.

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