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The Horse 2021 Calendar

The Horse 2021 Calendar: Stretches & Exercises

Improve your horse’s strength, flexibility, and coordination with The Horse’s 2021 Calendar. Each month features an easy-to-perform exercise you can do with your horse, based on guidance from veterinarians specializing in sports medicine therapies. Teaching your horse to stretch regularly can help improve your horse's muscle function, back strength, and athletic performance. Complete with a large calendar grid to keep track of veterinarian and farrier visits, lessons, horse shows, and more, this calendar is essential for every barn and horse owner.

Calendar measures 22” x 14” when open and 11” x 14” when closed.

These exercises are intended to be performed on healthy, sound horses and with your veterinarian's guidance. Practice stretches up to five times a week, holding each one for 10-30 seconds and repeating three to five times. Make sure you stand your horse squarely on a level surface and position yourself safely.


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