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Be Your Own Equine Researcher: 13 behavior and temperament tests you can do with your horse

Discover more about your horse’s personality and trainability this year with The Horse’s 2019 Calendar. Each month features an easy-to-perform experiment you can do with your horse, based on real studies published by equine researchers. Find out if your horse can count, if he learns by watching, whether he wants to wear a blanket in winter, and more! Complete with a large calendar grid to keep track of veterinarian and farrier visits, lessons, horse shows, and more, this calendar is essential for every barn and horse owner.

Your Illustrated Guide to Equine Anatomy Through the Year - SOLD OUT

Make 2019 the year of equine anatomy with The Horse 2019 Calendar's illustrated look at equine anatomy. Each month features a beautiful guide to specific parts of equine anatomy from head to hoof. Get a closer look at the equine skeleton, muscles, ligaments, digestive tract, hooves, and more!


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