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The Horse's Pocket Guide To Dynamic Mobility Exercises (Carrot Stretches)

Teaching your horse to stretch regularly can help improve your horse's muscle function, back strength, and athletic performance. Use this pocket guide to practice these exercises:

  • Chin to Chest (flexes the upper neck)
  • Chin to Knees (flexes the lower neck and lifts the back)
  • Chin to Fetlock (flexes the lower neck and lifts the back)
  • Chin to Girth (bends the neck)
  • Chin to Flank (bends the neck and back)
  • Chin to Hind Fetlock (bends the neck and back and activate the pelvic stabilizers and abdominal muscles)
  • Extension Exercise

This pocket guide is printed on waterproof pages and the perfect size (4"x5") to keep in your grooming kit to make sure you are always prepared! (8 pages)


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